Gecko Gear Gecko Covers iPhone 7/8 Plus Back cover Bounce 3m - Transparant

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Over Gecko Gear Gecko Covers iPhone 7/8 Plus Back cover Bounce 3m - Transparant

Extended description
The Back cover Bounce 3m offers the ultimate protection that an iPhone needs. This Bounce cover ensures that your phone is bump-proof and can even survive a fall from 3 metre.
Shock-absorbing air bumpers
The Back covers Bounce offers 360o protection to your iPhone. The back of the cover is made of polycarbonate, and this tough, hard material protects your phone from ugly scratches and bumps. The silicon frame functions as a shock-absorber and has air bumpers in each corner for maximum protection. This frame also protects your iPhone screen, because it sticks out a bit around the front you can simply lay your phone down on its front without your screen touching the surface.
Sophisticated design
The Bounce has a sophisticated design that offers excellent protection, but also keeps your iPhone lightweight. The cover has a firm grip so that your phone won't just slip out your hand or slide off the table. All buttons and plug-ins are easily accessed through the precision-cut openings. Moreover it is possible to attach a snap hook to the cover so that you can hang it from somewhere. Give your iPhone 7/8 Plus the best protection at all times with the Back cover Bounce.
- Perfect fit
- Air bumpers
- Portable design with carabiner
- Drop-resistantKenmerkenMaximumafmetingen schermcompatibiliteit14 cm (5.5")Type etuiHoesKleur van het productZwart, TransparantMerkcompatibiliteitAppleCompatibiliteitiPhone 7/8 PlusVeiligheidsfuntiesBump resistant, Krasbestendig, SchokbestendigDesignOppervlakte kleurMonotoonMateriaalPolycarbonaat, Thermoplastic polyurethaan (TPU)Gewicht en omvangBreedte80 mmDiepte165 mmHoogte10 mmGewicht40 gInhoud van de verpakkingAantal per verpakking1 stuk(s)